Our Story

My personal journey in photography began with my grandmother. As an Austrian immigrant to Australia in the 1940’s she came over with just the shirt on her back and a vintage Leica film camera in hand. I remember sitting next to her on the couch going through album after album of her travels, each one opening a window to another world and time. I begin to shoot.

After a few years of assisting some wonderful artists, and having developed my own perspective I found a home in advertising. My work revolved around editorials and celebrity portraiture. I loved working in the studio, but my heart was and always will be on location, as unpredictable and raw as it can be sometimes.

Now photography for me has become more than a passion but a way of life. A passport – opening doors into diIerent adventures and shifting perspective through the eyes of a newly capture story. Leaning into that rush you get when intersecting moments combine in a frame – then click, and the moment passes. Could there be anything better? We don’t have kids yet so maybe! 🙂

Id love to hear your story so reach out and we’ll grab a coffee or zoom or wine or whatever takes your fancy.


Traveling is in our DNA. Although we are all currently locked in Australia, pre-covid time has me on the road for around 250 days of the year. We’ve shot in Europe, American, Japan, Africa – sometimes under water, from helicopters and even a parasail. There is no idea too quirky, no destination too far.