Yes I do! Im typically shooting overseas 7 or 8 times each year. If you haven’t picked it up from elsewhere in the website, I love to travel, i love adventure. Give me a buzz for a quote.

Yes, we do albums and prints to order.

Occasionally i’ll book another shooter on jobs that have location or timing concerns. I also recommend a second shooter if the wedding party is over 130 people.

Whilst its possible to be flexible with timings I suggest leaving 1 hours for the groomsmen, 1.5 hours for the Bride and bridal party, half an hour after the ceremony for socials, and at least an hour for the newly wed photoshoot. Dont forget to factor in travel and parking. We normally map out a plan that leaves plenty of room for unpredictable traCc and interruptions.

Anytime really. Im normally shooting on the weekends, and my schedule becomes sporadic through the week depending on whats going on. Drop me a line to arrange for a meet up or zoom chat whenever suits.

It’s either $1000 or 25% of the chosen package to lock in a date. The remaining payment is due 2 weeks prior to the wedding itself.

For cancelations more than 12 months out, a cancel fee of 25% (or $1000) of the entire package will be non refundable. For cancelations of less then 12 months, 50% of the pack will be non refundable. I frequently reserve dates for weddings more then a year out so even a reasonably long notice cancelation can prevent me from being able to rebook that day.

I always travel with three cameras and a series of multi-medium memory cards. Each photograph I take gets copied to two memory cards. Your Ules are always kept on 3 hard drives until they are delivered to you so in the case of catastrophic failure from one or even two parts of the acquisition chain we have built in fail safes.

No, my shooting process on the day has me experiment and search out the shots whilst shooting as I go. These get distilled down to a broad selection that best tells the story of the day.

Your photos will be available for viewing, downloading and sharing from an online gallery.